Roveena with special guest Ben Pelchat

C'est What, 67 Front St E, Toronto

Roveena with special guest Ben Pelchat at C'est What?

Over the past year, vocal powerhouse ROVEENA has been taking the music scene by storm. With her music approaching a million spins on Spotify and shattering 8 Millions views in a YouTube video collaboration. Roveena has emerged reborn with her powerful sophomore album which picked up two awards. Most notably, Roveena's single 'Fearless' was featured during CBC's televised coverage of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Paralympics.

Roveena received critical acclaim, with her quickly being recognized as "a stunning voice that needs to be heard" and garnered attention from various media and radio outlets, including glowing reviews from CBC Radio and Cheek Magazine. Roveena's musical breakthrough happened after she reluctantly posted a video of herself singing "At Last" on YouTube. Catching the eyes of the Toronto's CITY TV producers and landing a guest spot to perform on the show, Roveena dazzled the hosts with the power of her voice so much that a planned one minute segment turned into eight minutes - an appearance that would launch Roveena's career.

Her album Fearless is available now.

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Special Guest


It is a rare breed of musician that can successfully be both a music producer and a recording artist. With a well deserved reputation as a “Music Designer” par excellence, Ben Pelchat (AKA remixer Turbo Zebra) hails from the iconic Kensington Sound studios, where he can be found producing #1 charting albums and award-winning TV/film music. He has worked with Grammy Award winners and outstanding artists from all over the world, as well as serving as frontman for several great bands over the years.

Ben composes, sings and is a multi-instrumentalist - a musician’s musician. Now going solo, he is creating material that is rapidly gaining recognition. With eclectic and poetic songs that draw influence from Bowie, Michael Jackson and Beck, Ben’s bilingual Quebecois heritage also brings comparisons to such artists as Arcade Fire.

Ben is currently working on his full-length pop folktronic solo album with famous LA-based RnB producer "Trillionaire" Earl Powell and Montreal-based indie producer Alexy Guerer.

His new single Gravity is out now worldwide.

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